Marietta Mavrokordatou

April 5 2024 - May 10 2024

Opening April 4, 8pm

A study of light and rhythm, SCENARIO is a metaphor of its own making. Looking feels like a discontinuous yet infinite rhythmic dispersal that generates singularities. In the phrase 'reproduction of reality', reality itself means a specific set of reproductions, reproducible representations, positions, stabilities, clarities. Representation is a series of positions for the spectator in relation to a certain clarity of position and meaning. Metaphorical meaning does not identify itself with a position; it moves in a fluctuation, serially, to indicate modes of materiality.

With minimal gesture the commodious form, shows us complexity’s amplitude. A hybrid sequence that can be addressed as its potential.

Excerpts used from Nilling by Lisa Robertson and Materialist Film by Peter Gidal.

Marietta Mavrokordatou SCENARIO wieoftnoch