Provisoral Transmutation

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Julian Westermann & Sabrina Podemski


A lurking gaze carefully sneaks over the ground
Stepping further

The water is calm/ No wind/ Senses sharp

Reflecting red rocks on its plain surface

No movement

Subtle breathing/ Inhale the void

The steady eye strokes the mountains skin
Watching/ Time is dripping down the temples
Where did we come from?
The ground is soft and embraces every step
At a clearing we leave found traces behind

Stepping through a portal
Into a fragile system
Something happened here
Or will happen

Arrows and targets

Tension and release
Quick thoughts

Decisive action

Hasn’t felt like something real

Julian Westermann and Sabrina Podemski create a physical situation showing objects, signs and traces of a provisoral transmutation – a moment seemingly out of time within a transformative process. The two artists intertwine their identities, revealing a symbiotic world. Out of it rises the magician [family of the featherhunters] – an avatar from the limbus of past and future. The collaborative video E.V.O.L Prophecy shows him as a creature between worlds.